A quick note

Hey everyone! I’ll try and keep housekeeping to a minimum in the future, but something came up which I thought I should mention. The purpose of this blog is to explain science in an accessible way, and that includes common misconceptions. That does mean that a lot of people will feel I’m preaching to the choir with the topics I choose. My aim is actually to break things down in such a way that it helps readers grasp the idea and how to explain it to others, so it might still be valuable to you as a resource even if you understand most of what I’m talking about already.

Due to the blog format, one thing I’m not going to be doing is explaining any given topic in full in one go. The longest post planned so far is clocking in under 700 words, and that’s about as long as I want them to get. Each post will be targeted to a specific facet of an issue, rather than trying to cover a lot of ground at once — my post on antibiotics, for example, covers only the issue of antibiotic resistance and not the fact that viral infections can’t be treated with antibiotics. There’s another post about viral infections planned later.

You’re always welcome to ask extra questions around the topic at hand, and I’ll try and answer in comments, or schedule new posts to cover it in the near future.

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