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The conspiracy of the moon landing

Sometimes in science there are things which everyone knows, but no one dares to say. Perhaps it’s too obvious, or perhaps people in industry have a hold over them. As an independent blogger with nothing to lose, I decided it was high time for me to come clean and reveal one of the biggest hoaxes in science. Few are the scientists willing to tell the truth about this, and it’s possible I’m risking any future career in academia by coming clean to support a truth derided as so universally ridiculous, it makes you wonder who benefits from the perception.

The fact is: the moon is made of cheese.

This was once such common knowledge that the footage below aroused no comment when it was first released in 1990.

This fact has been concealed from the public so successfully in recent years that this authenticated moon landing sequence is now considered simply comedic. But even then, there were whispers of the issues to come, when the intrepid explorers pictured above made a rocket to take them to the moon to prove this theorem. They found, indeed, that the moon was made of cheese, but they also met an automaton, sponsors unknown, which make it clear that someone has a vested interest in persuading the world that the moon is not, in fact, made of cheese — by harming those who know the truth for sure.

But now I’m ready to speak out about this vast conspiracy — not to mention hail Wallace and Gromit as the most recent people to set foot on our moon. In fact, it’s possible Apollo never did reach the moon and was in fact staged on a rocky, non-caseous comet, preventing the need for intensive landscaping and special effects on those famous old “moon” landing videos.

So now the truth is out there. Will you listen?

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