Burning questions

Sometimes, I’m at a bit of a loss for what to write on this blog. I’m never sure what people are interested in — or curious about — and I’m never sure what I can comfortably take on and figure out. And I am not, I’m pretty sure, ever going to be as fascinatingly weirdly in-depth as Randall Munroe, nor can I grapple with the weirder sort of questions. But if you have any burning questions about the way things work that you’d like me to explain in the simplest terms possible, this really is a request for you to go ahead and ask! I’m particularly comfortable with biology, of course, but I’m happy to have a go at researching anything — particularly while I still have access to academic journals for free.

Disclaimer: I’m not promising answers, and I’m especially not promising answers soon. But if you really want to know how a plant can make sugar from sunlight (I know this one!), or why orbits are ellipses (I do not know this one!) or… you get the gist: ask!

One thought on “Burning questions

  1. Here’s summat I’d like to know more about: some (all?) insects have blood not based on haemoglobin. What’s the difference? How does it work? Are there even more different blood chemistries out there that I haven’t heard about? (Could maybe make multiple posts if that is a lot.)


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