Science / Space

Destination: Mars

Want to fly to Mars with NASA’s new Mars rover mission in 2020? Yeah, me too.

Okay, it’s just our names that will fly with the new rover, but that’s kinda cool anyway. I learned today that it’s been a thing since 2014, and the names get recorded on a microchip which is then included in the robot. It’s not quite the Voyager Golden Record, but it’s still nice to think of.

In case you were wondering, this rover won’t be quite alone on its journey. The ESA is also launching a rover in 2020, though they’re going from Baikonur instead of Cape Canaveral. Their rover is named after the “dark lady of DNA”, Rosalind Franklin, while NASA’s rover is as yet unnamed.

So, will your name be accompanying mine on a trip to Mars? (Yes, Mum, I know; you’ve probably put yours down already.)

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