NEAT science stands for “Nikki Explains A Thing: Science”. It’s run by me, Nikki, as you might expect! My background is complicated: I have a BA Hons and MA in English Literature… and I’m partway through a BSc in Natural Sciences. I’ve been interested in both arts and sciences all my life — much like my parents, in fact. My mother is a doctor and my father is an engineer, by training: I probably absorbed a lot of that by osmosis. But we were also always a reading household, with hundreds of fiction books at my disposal more or less as soon as I could toddle.

I’m also, incidentally, a writer for my living, at least for now. Tech articles, copywriting, transcription and summaries… In short, I’m a communicator.

Who better to try and put science into words everyone can understand? I’m going to avoid jargon, and explain things as simply as I know how. You won’t see long lists of references and citations on my posts: while I might recommend a book or two, or link to an article I found interesting, I’m not going to ask you to delve into scientific papers. That’s my job. But if you’d like to know more about where I got a bit of information, just ask!

As for what I’m going to cover, chances are high that it’s mostly going to be biology and ecology. My studies so far have covered genetics, microbiology, cell biology, human biology, neurobiology, geology, and various closely related topics. My BA and MA were with Cardiff University; my BSc is being undertaken with the Open University. I’m not an expert by any means, but I have been taught to read and interpret research, and to communicate what I learn clearly. If you’re looking for medical advice, I’m not qualified to help you (though I can always summarise what I know for you), and my first recommendation will always be to see a doctor. If you’re looking for career advice, well, look: I’m on my third degree. I do what I love and so far it’s worked for me — in large part due to the kind support of my parents and my wife — and that’s all the advice I can offer!

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