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What is R0?

Given the new coronavirus which has emerged in Wuhan, China, there’s a lot of panic spreading around the internet. This hasn’t been helped by the irresponsible and factually incorrect fearmongering of a Harvard epidemiologist, Dr Eric Feigl-Ding. Without linking to him, so as to prevent amplifying him further, I’ll give you the gist of what … Continue reading

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Oh deer

Casting about for a topic to post about this week, I ran across this article about silver-backed chevrotains. They’re a small deer-like species from Vietnam which were feared to be extinct due to their elusiveness — they hadn’t been seen by scientists for around 30 years — but when a group of scientists asked around … Continue reading

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Measles wipes out your immune system

Twitter’s been chirping away about some new research on measles! Published in Science, the study looks into why measles causes so much extra disease burden through secondary infections. Previous work has found that measles infection suppresses the immune system, but this effect was thought to resolve fairly quickly after infection, bouncing back within 2-6 weeks. Turns … Continue reading